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Personalized Photo Gifts
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25" Personalized Photo Doll
We add YOUR Photo to the Dolls Face
You dress the doll with your clothing 
Boy or Girl Dolls 

Every DOLL is handmade


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< Left - 
Your photo doll complete and ready to ship


Right >
After you receive your doll Dress it anyway you want. 

(note: Redskin outfit shown in photo is a size 3 - 6 months


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Photo Dolls


Doll's Name


Allow 2 - 3 weeks delivery 

You will notified by email for Photo information for the doll. You can send photo(s) by email or U.S. Mail. All photos will be returned unharmed


I apply the photo, that you supply, to the face of the dolls as shown in the photos.  
Each doll is personalized with the dolls name applied to the body.

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NO CLOTHING  is included in 
the price of the doll.
You dress the doll after it is 
delivered to you.



**You will be notified by email for photo information that you want placed on the doll

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2010 little prince.jpg (23210 bytes)    

Dress them anyway you want!


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** Please note that exact colors may vary from computer monitor colors.

If you have a question, email us   - please include a subject line or emails will be 'dumped' as spam. Sorry.

Thank you for shopping with us.  Your satisfaction is our goal.

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