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Note: All items are handmade 
by me in Maryland, USA.  


Photo Balloons
Photo Balloons make birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, weddings, 
or any celebration more fun and festive

Surprise that special someone with a Photo Balloon!!

These are so cool!

Surprise that special someone with a Photo Balloon!!
Each Balloon features your favorite photo on one side and is
Personalized for Any Occasion on the other side

Photo Balloons are perfect for parties, wedding banquets, special events, promotions, 
or even greeting & invitation cards, etc.  Personalized photo gift items.

Includes balloon base and pole.  Latex-Free

heart.jpg (108600 bytes)

B003 smstar0150.jpg (18868 bytes)

round.jpg (157720 bytes)

 Heart, 7.25" X 7"

 Star, 6.75" x 7"

Round, 7.125"

Photo Balloons make birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, weddings, 
or any celebration more fun and festive
Available shapes & sizes:  Heart, Star, 

B001-hrt0275c.jpg (93389 bytes)B004-hrt0275.jpg (52051 bytes)

B006-hbday.jpg (66200 bytes)

B005-rnd0275.jpg (15561 bytes)

Our unique Custom Photo Balloons never fail to WOW and always become the 
topic of conversation at any party!  

When Ordering: 

Please allow enough time for any special event. Order Early

Quantity Discounts Available

Available Shapes: round & heart, star     Sizes:  18cm

Suitable for:
  - Weddings
  - Banquets
  - Birthday Parties
  - Festivals 
  - Anniversaries
  - Greeting & Invitation cards
  - Exhibitions
  - Product promotions
  - Grand Openings
  - Tourist attractions
  - Theme Parks
  - Florists
  - Gifts & Souvenirs

All Photo Balloons can be deflated and re-inflated 
at any time. 

 You can keep your deflated balloon as a keepsake! 
You can even frame them!  


Photo Balloons are perfect for parties, wedding banquets, special events, promotions, 
or even greeting & invitation cards, etc.  Personalized photo gift items.


Photo Balloons
ON SALE $8.75

reg. $11.95

Photo Balloon Shapes

Enter Balloon Choices
ex: Background Number & Balloon Base Color

If at any time you have a question, please
contact me:


Each Photo Balloon is completely custom printed with our professionally designed and highly detailed color graphics templates with your picture included in the design.

Our Photo Balloons are NOT 'off the shelf' mass produced, manufacturer pre-printed Mylar balloons with just your photo stuck to it.

Our Photo Balloons are made of an aluminum foil composite film that has been specially coated for high resolution printing.

Balloon Backgrounds
click to view enlargements


Your Choice of any Background Shown
Samples shown have wording on the Balloons - 
BUT, each Balloon is PERSONALIZED Just For You!

Balloon Background Choices Balloon Background Choices Balloon Background Choices

When placing your order: Enter the Balloon Number from the selections above
Also, include your color choice for the Balloon stand

Don't worry, if you forget, I will email you with the info needed for the Balloon.

Balloon Base Colors
Color Choices: Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink

Balloon Base Color - PURPLE Balloon Base Color - GREEN Balloon Base Color - ORANGE





Also available but not 
shown - White


Photo Balloons

Frequently Asked Questions:   

Do the Balloons come in any shapes?
Yes.  Your choice of Star and Heart shapes.

What is the size of the balloons?

Star - 6.75" x 7"   Heart - 7.25" X 7"  Base - 11" High       

Can I have it personalized?
Yes, just send me your photo and personal message.

Is the balloon printed on both sizes?

Yes.  I usually print your Photo on one side and your Personal
Message on the other side.

How do I get the picture to you?
Please send me an email with your Photo, in a JPEG format,
and your Personal  Message. 
Example: Happy Birthday, Congratulations,
Happy Anniversary, etc.  Send to:

What happens if I do not have a JPEG?

Just mail me the photo.  I will scan it and return it, unharmed, with your order

Does the Balloon come blown up?
No. You will receive complete assembly instructions with your order.  They are very easy to assemble and inflate. 
Note: They stay inflated for a very long time. My sons has been inflated for over 2 years and looks great!

How long will it take to make my balloon?

I print your balloon as soon as I receive your photo and personalization information.
The balloon then ships First Class Mail with Delivery Conformation.

How long do they last?                            

All our magical balloons can last a lifetime and if need be can always be re-inflated by blowing from the bottom of the straw.  If you want to put it away simply insert a straw into the valve hole to remove the air.   The Balloon makes an ideal scrapbook addition when deflated. Also, you can re-inflate it at any time and use it again! 


If you have any other questions, please ask.