Bird-Brained Birdhouse Designs  

Handcrafted Birdhouses
made from Recycled Wood, Driftwood and other recycled materials -
each Birdhouse is a One of a Kind!
Some are painted and some are very rustic. No two are alike.
The birdhouses are displayed on this web site until sold. 

"Life is better at the Beach"

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20"h x 8-3/4"W x 7-1/2"D
hole size: 1-1/4"

side view
 door opens for easy cleaning

* Optional Text
$ 89.95
 *You have the option of adding your own 
personal message to the sign on the front of the birdhouse. 
"Every Birdie Loves Me"
 Colorful Birdhouse with a Pinecone Roof
The Church that "Every Birdie" Loves


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Some things to consider when selecting a birdhouse:
The diameter of the entrance hole is critical to attracting and getting the birds you want.
If it's too large, you may get starlings instead of chickadees.

Hole Size:

                  1 1/8 inches across chickadee
                  1 1/4 inches                     nuthatches, house wrens and titmice
                  1 1/2 inches bluebird hole

What birds want from a house... 
comfort, security, custom features, the same things we do when
it comes to finding a place to raise a family. 



Helpful Hints:
  • Houses should be hung or positioned well above the ground -- at least five feet --
    to keep predators at bay.
  • If you are attaching the house to a tree, keep it away from a branch where cats might gain access.
  • Try to place the house facing east, away from prevailing winds and in an area of partial shade.
  • Birds also need a clear shot at flying in and out.
  • Perches are not needed and may allow bullying birds such as starlings or house sparrows to drive off desired species.