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Easy Fundraising For Your Group

Personalized Name Meanings 

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You Set the Sales Price

There is no investment required!


We will supply your group with the fundraising order forms.  You return the completed forms along with $3.00 for each certificate ordered and keep the rest! It's that easy.  Your organization sets the retail price, we recommend somewhere between $6 and $10. You then send us the completed order forms along with payment of $3.00 each. It's that easy! Whatever you charge over $3.00 each is yours to keep. Your fundraising order forms will be custom printed with your group name and retail price at no cost to you.  We can also find different background papers to suit your customers if desired.

You've probably seen these name meaning certificates selling for as much as $12 in your local mall. Personalized gifts make for an easy fundraiser. This is a no-brainer! Can it get any easier??

No Investment Required for this Fundraising Idea !

Product Description

We have over 18,500 names and their meanings in our database. 
Each name printed includes: origin of name,  meaning, 
flattering personality traits, career & money, relationships, 
travel & leisure, life's opportunities.
Lucky numbers and your astrological sign are printed at the bottom. They are beautiful, useful and fascinating to read. They are sure to bring a smile and become treasured keepsakes for years.
 These make such a unique gift and a great fundraising product!

Other Optional Fundraising Products 
You Can Add To Your Customized Order Form:
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Your organization sets the retail price, 
we just recommend a retail sales price.
Whatever you charge over our cost is yours to keep. 

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11" x 14" Oak Frame (only)
You Set the Sales Price

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You Set the Sales Price

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First Name Mouse Pad
You Set the Sales Price

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First Name Hat

You Set the Sales Price

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First Name T-Shirts

Set the Sales Price

XX(2) and XXX(3) sizes are available 
at an extra cost

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First Names

Add a Designer Oak Frame to your First Name Expression