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Paper Selections 
5AB.jpg (35252 bytes)
5AB Blocks
5CR coral reef.jpg (38095 bytes)
5CR Coral Reef
5BA balloons.jpg (28136 bytes)
5BA Balloons
5GR graduation.jpg (20132 bytes)
5GR Graduation
5FI fishing.jpg (24303 bytes)
5FI Fishing
5SU sunset.jpg (23764 bytes)
5SU Sunset
5W1 wedding hands.jpg (20278 bytes)
5W1 Wedding Hands

5W2 wedding hands2.jpg (25097 bytes)
5W2 Wedding Hands 2
5BS baby shoes.jpg (9703 bytes)
5BS Baby Shoes
5LA lace roses.jpg (24777 bytes)
5LA Lace & Roses
Copy of 5LV lovers.jpg (10503 bytes)
5LV Lovers
5DB Doves Bells.jpg (22786 bytes)
5DB Doves & Bells
Paper Selection 2
5a3.jpg (20488 bytes)

5AN Angels

5gd give us this day.jpg (14899 bytes)
Give us this day

5GC Grand Canyon
5DE desert.jpg (19863 bytes)
5DE Desert
5FO footprints.jpg (27110 bytes)
5FO Footprints

5HH Heavenly Hands

5TN tropical.jpg (29483 bytes)
5TN Tropical

5CI circus.jpg (34071 bytes)
5CI Circus

5DO dolphins.jpg (26140 bytes)

5GI Giving Hands

5HC Homecoming

Paper Selection - Sports
5BB baseball.jpg (29093 bytes)
5BB Baseball
5BK2 basketball.jpg (30823 bytes)
5BK2 Basketball
5FI fishing.jpg (24303 bytes)
5FI Fishing
5HU hunting.jpg (25835 bytes)
5HU Hunting
5F2 Football.jpg (33030 bytes)
5F2 Football
5HO horses.jpg (26749 bytes)
5HO Horses
5SP sportss.jpg (27003 bytes)
5EA Eagles.jpg (22476 bytes)
5EA Eagles

5GO golf.jpg (31315 bytes)

5GO Golf

Transfer Paper Selections:

5SP sportss.jpg (27003 bytes)
5SP Sports

5DO dolphins.jpg (26140 bytes)

Hot Air Balloons

Tropical Fish

Praying Hands