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Note: All items are handmade 
by me in Maryland, USA.  


Photo Clocks  
WeddingGifts.JPG (44485 bytes)
These clocks look fantastic with Corporate Identities, Logos,
  Wedding Memories, Children's Photos, Family pictures, 
 Mother's Day, Father's Day, pet photos and more. 

Clocks with your company logo and custom phrases like, "Member: Million Dollar Sales Club"

Available in 10" round wall clock or 4"x4" desk clock, 
or 4.75" round desk clock  both with acrylic stand

ANY picture can be used for a photo clock, but the better 
the quality picture, the better the clock. 

We'll add a Full Color Photo of a Wedding, Children, Pets, Vacation, Logos, 
Performance Recognition, Sports Team, Schools, etc.

Photo Clock SS.JPG (30373 bytes)
 $ 24.95   

Photo Wall Clock
Great gift idea! 
Add a Photo of a Wedding, Children, Pets, Vacation, etc.

Personal Messages are included in the price.


Enter TEXT to be
 placed on Clock

$ 24.95  
Email Photo

Copy of Clock12.JPG (4128 bytes)

Round Wall Clock 
Name Meaning
10"Circle w/your photo, first name, company logo, or design it the way you want. Great gift for a child's room

Personal message to add 

Send Photo by: (select one)

Email Photo

Photo clocks are our most requested item. Here is your opportunity to take 
your favorite photographs and put them to use!

Selecting & Sending Photos

Round Desk Clock 
with your photo artwork, poetry, etc. applied to the
 face of the clock

At Baysweb, we can create products as needed, and in any quantity, for any group or occasion. There are No Set-Up Fees or Minimum Requirements. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service and quality.
“For this year’s golf challenge,  we took pictures of each golfer  teeing off, and had them made  into unique personalized desk 
clocks. Everyone thought it was such a unique personalized gift  idea! We’re going to do the 
same thing every year but with different products. It’s a real crowd pleaser!”


Personal message to add
Send Photo by: (select one)

Email Photo

Please allow at least 2+ weeks for your clock. 

Email Photo information for the clock. 

Email Photo



If you have a question, email us 

Thank you for shopping with us.  Your satisfaction is our goal.