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Note: All items are handmade 
by me in Maryland, USA.  


"Up For Adoption" Dolls
Photo Album

Each Doll is
unique and
one of a kind

wpe81.jpg (30621 bytes)

We can create
a doll
for any theme
you choose

wpeA8.jpg (24647 bytes)

Santa's Helpers

wpe8E.jpg (18379 bytes)
Playing "Hide 'n' Seek"

wpe9E.jpg (14694 bytes)
Sports Themes

Little League Team Dolls
using your child's old

All of these babies have been "ADOPTED" by loving parents. Wouldn't you love to have one of theses adorable little babies in
your home?? 
They never make a mess, their
rooms are always tidy, the
terrible two's are a breeze,
and most importantly...
they're lovable.

  • Each doll comes fully clothed
    and is the size of a 2 -3 year
    old Toddler.
  • Doll frame is made of wood
    and bolted together
  • All hand constructed body - 
    very sturdy
  • Legs move
  • Good quality clothing

Dolls start at $50.00 and up
Special Orders Welcome

wpeA2.jpg (6348 bytes)

wpe9B.jpg (12418 bytes)
Sports Themes

wpeA5.jpg (10579 bytes)


"A great conversation piece for any room"  
Stand them in a corner, lean them against a wall, anywhere you choose they are sure to make you smile.  The body frame is made of wood and is bolted together at the hip.  This allows the doll to move.  The body shape is made from fabric and stuffed to give the doll a "life like" appearance.  No two babies are the same as they each have their own unique style and personality.   Next comes the clothes.  You can either special order your doll in a variety of themes, or choose from the dolls that are "UP FOR ADOPTION" on this page.
Each one is available, until marked "Sold".


Your choice of bib overalls, dress, jeans, themes- construction worker,
fireman, cowboy, sports, cheerleader, etc.

wpeA0.jpg (44396 bytes)

Photo Dolls, Bears and Cuddlers

Amy Doll.JPG (31797 bytes)
Your Child's face and clothes
on a doll... one of a kind!! 
wonderful keepsake memory



More photos coming soon...All will be "UP FOR ADOPTION"

In the meantime, if you have a special request or just want more information,
email me:


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